Paperboy Bicycle Body Kit

Paperboy Bicycle Body Kit

This is our Paperboy Bicycle Body Kit. The Kit only includes the Fiberglass body pieces. Body kit come gel coated, just needs to be prepped and painted. Actual bicycle parts not included. 

Paperboy Kit includes:

1-Main frame section

1-Front wheel cover

2-Underside frame covers


Bike parts that you will need to buy for our Paperboy Bike kit:

-26" Men's Beach Cruiser Style Frame

-Straight Front Forks for a 26" wheel and tire

-26" Front wheel and tire 

-20" Rear wheel and tire

-4" Cranks

-1 1959 Cadillac taillight for the bottom of the missile at the rear.

-Pedal, Handlebars, and Seat of your choice.

 If you want to be the talk at all the shows, then you need this. You will blow people's minds when you show up anywhere with our Paperboy body kit.

$ 899.99